Vintage Gerry Robert - Introducing the 80-20 Sales Model Get your FREE Report right NOW!!!Here is some old school video footage of Gerry Robert giving the keynote address at the Income Builders International Conference. In this video Gerry talks about the power of the 80-20 sales model and explains why its so powerful! Check it out!

WOW…doesn’t he look a lot younger? Sadly he won’t allow me to reveal what year this conference was held. But you get the picture. There will be more of this great video of Gerry coming down the pipe people so get ready!

Corey Robert
Production Director
Black Card Marketing Group


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  1. Makes sense to me. Reversing the marketing learning curve requires a plan of action. The Black Card Marketing Group can show you how and for those that need to be face to face with clients their DIFY program will do it for you.

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