Does Social Media Work To Generate Traffic? Get your FREE report NOW!!!I get this question all the time! Social networking is obviously hugely popular to build communities and connect friends and family but cannot it work for business?

More importantly does it work for any business or just “internet marketers”?

I did a little primary research over the last few weeks and found some stunning facts.

Category Before After
Pageviews 556 1881 (+238%)
Unique Views 445 1453 (+226%)
Pages/Visit 1.49 1.91 (+27%)
Time On Site 00:01:39 00:03:00 (+81%)
New Visits 76.88% 70.53% (-8.26%)

What does all this mean? Let me explain:

Pageviews and unique views are both self explanatory so don’t need to much detail there but you can see that if you can boost both those by 238 and 226 percent respectively over a two week period, imagine what you can do in six months or one year!

Pages/Visit: We increased this category by 27 percent which indicates people are viewing 27 percent more pages than they were two weeks ago which indicates they are more engaged by our content.

Time On Site: Another indicator that people are more engaged. They are spending 81 percent more time on our site browsing and reading.

New Visits: This is the category I really wanted to talk about. Given this decreased by 8.26 percent you would think this is negative but its not! Our pageviews are up (way up by 238 percent) and same with our unique views but our new visits are down?

This does not make any sense…

But it does! This means people are coming back more frequently and returning to the site on their own which again is awesome!

CONCLUSION: Social media does work to increase site traffic. Up until this point, this blog was very new so its great to see its getting thousands of visitors and building momentum.

Social media is a big part of our G7 Traffic Generation System which is included as part of our Online DIFY Marketing Platform.

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur
Author, Answers You’re Aching To Know
Vice-President, Business Development
Black Card Marketing Group


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  1. WOW! Most people do see the value of social media, unless of course they aren’t familiar with online marketing. But its definitely awesome to see the stats and clear cut results from a social media campaign!

    Corey Robert
    Production Director
    Black Card Marketing Group

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