Social Bookmarking In Plain English

Here is an awesome video from the people over at

“Social Bookmarking in Plain English” introduces the basics of bookmarking services like The video uses an example of teachers using Social Bookmarking to share links to useful websites. The video includes:

  • The difference between online and offline bookmarks
  • How to use a bookmarking website
  • An introduction to organizing bookmarks with tags
  • The value of sharing bookmarks with others

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at social bookmarking. Hopefully you can put it to use for your online business!


Corey Robert

Production Director

Black Card Marketing Group


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  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for a simple explanantion to help my clients. I actually used this to explain social bookmarking to Paul McCabe, one of our great DIFY clients. Thanks Corey for posting this 🙂

    Jean-Guy Francoeur
    Author, Answers You’re Aching To Know

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