Publish A Book & Make Money! FREE Webinar with Gerry Robert

Hey everyone! Corey Robert here. I wanted to throw up a quick blog post about a webinar Gerry is doing on Wednesday March 16th @ 8pm.

We already have tons of registrations for this FREE event so I wanted to send it out to all of you in our blog community as well before it was too late.

This webinar is titled “Publish A Book & Make Money” and its my dad’s latest seminar. In this powerful  program Gerry is going to give you a crash course in taking massive action to change the quality of your bank account and attracting prospects by the hundreds. I guarantee this webinar will empower, educate and entertain you. You won’t just deal with – you will vanquish – anything that has held you back from utilizing the force that will change your life. Massive, intelligent income-producing action.

Register now for this FREE webinar!

Hear Author Gerry Robert LIVE! The Best-Selling author of The Millionaire Mindset

My dad truly has a unique story. Find out how Gerry went from poverty to teaching people the world over how to boost their sales and  incomes.

Here is just some of the stuff Gerry will be covering…
– How Gerry Robert went from poverty to earning over
$1Million in one year alone.
– The hottest money-making ideas around.
– The absolute most powerful way to guarantee financial
freedom. (Especially Powerful For Procrastinators.)
– How to find 300 HOT prospects in 90 days.
– The NEW marketing model for INSTANT success.
– How to become the brand of choice.
– How to Create Multiple Sources of Income.
– How to become a celebrity with high credibility.
– The key to instant differentiation in the marketplace.
– How to use a book to boost your income and sales.

Anyways, I hope you can make it to this webinar. Its going to be truly awesome.

Register for this FREE webinar!


Corey Robert
Production Director
Black Card Marketing Group

Have you ever considered writing a book? Gerry has taught millions of ordinary people to use a book to boost income and sales. His world-famous Publish A Book & Grow Rich Weekend Bootcamp is specifically designed for Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Speakers. Find out why there are over 3 million happy graduates of this bootcamp and how you can attend for FREE. Click here!

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