More Marketing To 2x Your Sales!

Once again writing this post from the road on my iPad so please excuse errors.

Was getting my car serviced and noticed that this dealership uses social proof very effectively to boost sales and I needed to report back to you.

Here’s what they do:

– they print customer emails, frame them and post them on the wall (See video here)
– the cut out articles that were written in the newspaper and their vehicle and how they saved people’s lives… You can buy that kind of publicity (see pic)
– they frame letters thank you letters from their charity
– they frame thank you cards from customers
– they frame all their Public relations (maybe not all but a lot of it)
– they post their awards on the wall (most places they stay in the owners office to make he/she feel good… Put them on the wall, make an extra mil and then feel good!)

All of this costs $0 (ok maybe $5/ frame) but it’s so worth it. I estimate this has made them over $1,000,000. THINK ABOUT IT.

Thousands of people a year visit their show room and they don’t pressure sell you they let their testimonials speak for themselves. (I do the same, look at my testimonial page!)

This is awesome application of social proof and you can do the same!

Move your feet and make it happen!

Jean-Guy Francoeur (JG)
Author, Messy Manager

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