See Donald Trump & Tony Robbins For Almost FREE!

See Billionaire Donald Trump,
#1 Success Coach Tony Robbins &
Lord Sebastian Coe for almost *F*R*E*E*

[If you are not in the UK, send this to your friends who are. Talk this up on Facebook and Twitter. See Trump & Robbins as my guest – grab your complimentary tickets while they last.]

Dear Friend,

As one of our most valued clients, I’d like to invite you and a business partner, friend, or family member to share an experience – as my guests – that I’m certain will help you gain a greater perspective into the full meaning of success.

Now you can learn from Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Sebastian Coe and other world class speakers in London for almost *F*R*E*E*.

Times have changed.

Today, there are brand new rules and strategies for success in business, finance, and even personal growth. What worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow.

We believe our screwed up economy is the result of too many greedy people in business and financial sector thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

And the result of that was complete economic collapse.

The new rule of business is, “What can I give?”

You have to give first before you can get.

And we’d like to put our words into action.

We’re going to over promise AND over deliver.

We promise that you will have the best learning experience of your life with our 3 keynote speakers, Lord Sebastian Coe, Donald Trump, and Anthony Robbins (and our 10 other world class speakers) at the National Achievers Congress 2012 in London.

The normal fee for a seat is £295. But because we believe it’s imperative you hear what our speakers have to say at our event, we want to let you attend the entire program ALMOST FREE of charge.

We’re only going to charge you a very nominal course material fee of £5.

Click here to Sign Up =>

You can send this out to your friends and use the special link here to invite someone you care about to come with you.

There’s no strings attached, we only request that if you sign up you show up. The last thing we want is to deprive someone else of the chance to participate in this life-changing weekend.

Click here to reserve your Bronze Ticket for £5.

To Your Success,

Gerry Robert
Bestselling Author
The Millionaire Mindset

P. S.  I am not scheduled to appear at this event in London but I will be coming to the UK soon. I am speaking in GERMANY with Robert Kiyosaki. I’m the Surprise Guest Speaker. Here’s the link.

P. S. S. You can ONLY receive this Bronze Ticket offer by clicking this link



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