5 Cost Effective Ways To Drive Online Video In 2013

Bandwidth is growing, and video continues to find us on our tablets, smart phones and who knows what else. So why isn’t video a bigger part of our marketing plan for 2013?

I often hear the same excuses…

– It’s too difficult to manage
– It costs too much to produce
– We don’t know what to use for footage or scripts

Fair enough for 2012. But here are five video formats that make video fast, affordable and actually fun to incorporate into your marketing efforts:


1. Animoto
An innovative format that brings desktop video to a new level. By using Hollywood quality background and motion formats, you can drop in video or still images, select music from the library and get a great looking video.

2. Pitch Engine
With Pitch Engine, you can create a one-page micro-site that allows you to add images, video and other media. This is great for sales promotions, press releases and other announcements, and it’s an easy way to pitch smaller bits of information at a time.




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