2012 Recap In An Image!

2012 has been an amazing year for our company as well for our partners, customers and team members. This image is a recap of 2012 for Gerry Robert Enterprises and its companies Black Card Marketing Group & Black Card Books.

There are a few words in this image that really jump out such as teamwork. We’ve expanded our team this year by a factor 4 and I couldn’t be happier with the team and how they have come together through all of the good times, great times and challenging times. Our team is amazing and they bend over backwards to provide world-class service.

It’s not easy to be part of our team because our management and leadership are extremely driven and borderline nuts (Ok … Ok, we’ve crossed the line, we are nuts!) when it comes to changing people’s lives so this isn’t the kind of workplace where you ‘go to work’ for 8 hours a day. The people who work with us have a TGIM attitude (thank God it’s Monday) and often work 14-16 hours a day only because they are exhausted and need a small rest before they start up again. Our clients are always telling me how they can feel the love from our team because our team is dedicated and have an incredible willingness to serve.

In the last four months of 2012 we agreed to publish 29 new books and this is very significant. Not only because it provides awesome momentum for our company in 2013 but because with those 29 new books comes 29 authors that will uniquely impact the world in their own way with their own message.

Last but certainly not least is thankfulness. Gerry Robert, myself and our entire team are thankful each and every day not only for the role we play in impacting people and improving their lives but we’re thankful for our customers, our suppliers, our partners and each other.

We wish you incredible success in 2013 and we hope to play a part in making 2013 your best year ever!

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur
CEO, Gerry Robert Enterprises

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