9 Ways to Improve the Impact of Your Email

We recently read an amazing article by Chris Brogan the CEO of Human Business Works. This article has super useful strategies for getting more out of your email marketing. Don’t miss out on this great info!

What Email Has Become

Depending on your work situation, email has become much more than its original intent. Email has become:

– Your not-in-person meeting tool.
– Your ass-covering tool.
– Your chat window.
– Your filing system.
– Your database of information.
– Your to-do list.
– Your private social network.

None of these are especially “wrong” uses, but what happens is that by using this technology for all these purposes, it blunts our ability to be effective and to get quality responses from others. We’ve all had that situation arise where we try to get a response from someone and we either get a lame/vague response that requires another 8 messages to get everything nailed down, or the dreaded “no reply at all.”

Here are some thoughts on improving your email response and quality rates. Your mileage may vary, plus I’d love to hear YOUR tips in the comments below.

Make Subject Lines Actionable

One reason people don’t respond is that you don’t prompt them to do your bidding. Here are a few sample subject lines to help…

To read the full article CLICK HERE: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/emailimpact/


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