Bucharest Book Launch A Resounding Success

President & Founder of Black Card Books, Gerry Robert, with newly published author, Ozana Giusca, at her book launch in Bucharest, Romania.

Here at Black Card Books, our main focus is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners Publish A Book & Grow Rich. We teach people how they can get their book published and use that book as a marketing tool to grow their business and income. Our company has published hundreds of authors over the past 25 years, but some very motivated and hard working people manage to publish their books all on their own. Ozana Giusca is one of those people. Ozana attended our world famous Publish A Book & Grow Rich weekend bootcamp, where she learned all the vital information she would need to get her book published.

Black Card Books President & Founder, Gerry Robert, recently had the pleasure of attending and emceeing Ozana’s launch of her book, Shortcut To Business Success – 101 Zero Cost Tactics To Take Your Company To The Next Level. The event was a great success and Ozana remains a truly wonderful example of how anyone with enough drive and motivation can get their book published, and start using it to catapult their business and income!

Here’s what Gerry had to say about Ozana’s book, Shortcut To Business Success

“Hits the mark! Shortcut to Business Success is refreshingly full of professional and relevant information, written in an engaging and contemporary style. A must read for the entrepreneur who truly wants to succeed!”

The book launch was a huge success. Here is what author Ozana Giusca had to say about this wonderful evening…

People usually invite their friends for their first book launch. I had some friends attending, but most of the people were small business owners, who want to grow their businesses. I was so pleased to hear one of the entrepreneurs that bought my book saying: “This is fantastic. I spent ages to get such information, and now, I have it all in one book. It is so easy to follow, and the exercises at the end of each tactic allow me to start applying them right away. I am so glad I attended this event. How else would I know about this amazingly helpful book?”

The event was held at a stylish venue with stylish people and various local celebrities in attendance. But most importantly, this event was full of entrepreneurs that need this kind of information to grow their businesses. There were solo-entrepreneurs, business people who have generated millions, and everything in between … each one of them found useful strategies to apply for a better and bigger business.

I am pursuing my mission to help millions of small business owners grow their businesses, and to offer them access to the same information and knowledge base that Fortune 500 companies use, but at a fraction of the price and in a fun and easy way. I’ve been researching small and large businesses for years and I have selected the 101 tactics in my book, from CCA 1,000 best practices and strategies that the most successful companies use. This is the small businesses era, and I’m empowering them to compete with these large companies, as their equals.

Ozana Giusca is the founder and CEO of Tooliers, marketplace with business growth tools for small businesses. For more info click here!

To download a sample of Shortcut To Business Success – 101 Zero Cost Tactics To Take Your Company To The Next Level or to purchase your own copy, visit http://shortcuttobusinesssuccess.com/.

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