Another Successful Launch - Life Makeover

10402822_724242420998788_8512989687105283721_nBlack Card Books is so excited to announce the release of yet another great book, Life Makeover – Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Life by Author, Tan Choon Kiang. Tan Choon Kiang (CK) has over thirty years of knowledge and experience from his training in financial planning, agency management, debt counseling and energy psychology.

His book Life Makeover is for people who are seeking a fulfilled and abundant life, but unsure how to unlock the secret. Life Makeover provides a novel approach to achieving your ‘best life’ through success in four key areas: Money, Mind, Body and Soul! Fathers are universally seen as sources of wisdom. We seek their guidance and advice hoping to learn from their knowledge and experience. This book outlines the ‘Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Life’ – in an attempt to alleviate financial worries, achieve success and wellbeing, and realize ultimate life goals.

The recent book launch was a smashing success with high profile guest speakers and lots of media coverage.


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Hear what Tan Choon Kiang had to say about his recent book launch as well as Black Card Books below…


Thank you very much for all your kind assistance and support, the Book Launch went very well, it was attended by more than 100 guests. We invited 4 speakers and a Guest of Honour who is a Member of Parliament to officiate the launch. The proceeds from the sales of my first 88 books were donated to the Tzu Chi Foundation of Malaysia. We managed to sell over 120 books at the launch! The event was covered by several journalists from local newspapers and magazines. Our event was even featured in a full page spread in one local newspaper! I truly appreciate what Black Card Books and their team has done for the book and in preparation for the book launch despite the short planning period.

Thank you, all… from the bottom of my heart.

Tan Choon Kiang
Author, Life Makeover

Take a look a the full page newspaper spread that Tan Choon Kiang and his book were featured in!

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