Five Most Expensive Words - Part #2

expensive wordsConformity

Salesperson:  “Mr Boss, why don’t you let me try this new sales letter idea?  It might cost a few dollars but I think it’ll pull a lot of people in.  What do you think?”

Sales Manager:  “Well, you see, we have been in business for 112 years and no one has ever received approval to send out these types of letters. You better forget it.”

The problem for so many people as far as I can see, has to do with a reluctance to try different things.

In sales for example, most methods of prospecting were developed in the 1950’s and little has changed since then for most people.  We have been told that prospecting is a function of rejection.  If you knock on enough doors you will make a certain amount of sales.

I challenge this approach.  I am one of the most positive people you will ever meet but even I could not withstand rejection type selling.  Most of the books, articles, and training teach people to simply not take it personally.

Not take it personally?  How do you do that?

No, instead I’m advocating breaking away from the way everyone else does it and sell without rejection.  I’m all for creating systems to attract more leads than you know what to do with.  How different would your attitude and motivation be if you went to work tomorrow morning knowing that you had 300 qualified leads from people who were predisposed to buy what you sell?

So much today is based on the dangerous word “conformity.”  People follow the crowd.  I call it the herd mentality.  If the masses are doing something, I recommend doing the exact opposite.  If no-one in your industry has a marketing package, you be the first.  Break the norm!  Let’s face it; the masses are traditionally wrong, especially about the earning of money.

What the world needs are success-minded individuals who are willing to challenge the “status-quo.”

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”


Husband: “I have accepted another position with another company.  I’ll be joining them in 2 weeks.  I think I can make a success of myself with them!”

Wife:  “Sorry, to hear!  I think you are developing nothing more than a habit called: I give up!”

The wife is exactly right.  The only thing you learn by shifting from position to position is how to give up when the going gets tough.

So many people believe that they will do better only working for another company, selling some other product, working in a different market but there is only one problem with that:  You take YOU with you were ever you go!

You never know when you are just around the corner from winning in a big way.  So the next time you think about packing it in and making a move think about staying put and working through your current problems. The grass is not greener on the other side!  If a light came on in your car which indicated there were problems with your engine, you would think a person insane if they took out a hammer and smashed the light.

Sure the light would go “off” but that would not do anything to relieve the problem with the engine. The same applies to sales people.  The real problem is your poor performance. Taking a hammer to the red light (your company, your boss) will not solve your basic problem.  Solve that and you will enjoy a life of prosperity and happiness.


Gerry Robert is the international bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset and five other best-selling books. Gerry has an inspirational story, going from from poverty to earning millions in a single year. Today Gerry is mentor to some of the highest income earners in the world. He has spoken and addressed over 3 million people in his various live events and has worked with many fortune 500 corporations like IBM, ReMax, Royal Bank, CIBC, Air Canada, Investors Group, Prudential, Malaysian Airlines, General Motors and many more.

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