How to Receive a Top 20 Position On The Search Engines Part 2

* The Number One Key is Content *

Search-Engine-Marketing-IdeasThe number one key to getting good positions on the search engines is having fresh and relevant content about your subject. This is becoming more and more important all the time not only when dealing with search engines, but also with linking with other sites, causing people to come back, and making sales online. The winner in online marketing is the company who provides the most useful content for free to their customers.

The most important directory of all online is the King “Yahoo.” They have reviewers who actually go out and take a look at every site which is going to be included in their index. If they see just a bunch of sales letters or links to affiliate programs, then you won’t even have a chance of being listed. They only list around 1 in 10 sites which is submitted to them, so the only way you are going to be listed is by having unique content for their index.

NOTE: A recent tip which I have learned for Yahoo is that when you submit your site to their index, take a look at the other sites in the same category and make sure you include some content on your site about the subject which is lacking on the other sites. Then, in the comments section or in an email to Yahoo, let them know how well they have covered your subject, but that you have found some information on your site which will help to complete their index. Remember, they are not there to help you. They are there to build a resource for their visitors. If you can provide some unique content on your subject, you are that much more likely of getting listed.

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