The 6 Myths of Internet Marketing Part #1

The 6 Myths of Internet Marketing Part #1

The 6 Myths of Internet Marketing… and Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Them!

The Internet — Hoopla, Hype or Really Great Marketing Tool?

Can you really sell to 45 million people on the Internet? Is advertising allowed? Is anybody making any sales? Can customers find you if you set up a World-Wide Web site?

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Myth #1: Nobody’s making any money on the Internet.

Many Internet entrepreneurs won’t say how they’re doing financially. Often, that’s because they’re doing quite well and they don’t want to tip off the competition.

I’ve seen reports by business people complaining that they have “tried the Internet and it didn’t work.” Maybe they bought into some of these myths. Maybe they failed to apply sound marketing principles in establishing an Internet presence. There are principles of marketing in cyberspace, but to learn them takes research, participation, and time.

Of course, all the mistakes that people make in the real world are being duplicated on the Net. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes they are making to hurt sales on the Internet.

  • Too large graphics
  • Poor design concept
  • Website which is nothing more than a glorified brochure
  • Too much focus on YOU instead of the customer’s problems

Will your company benefit from marketing on the Internet or the World-Wide Web? No one can guarantee that. It’s too early, and the medium is changing too fast to make predictions. A product should meet at least one of these criteria to be a good candidate for direct sales over the Internet now:

  • Appeals to the technologically savvy
  • Appeals to a broad segment of the Internet user base (typically, but not exclusively, educated males under 40)
  • Appeals to a wide geographic audience
  • Is a specialty item otherwise difficult to locate
  • Is an “informed purchase” — the buyer responds to information rather than hyperbole
  • Can be purchased over the Internet less expensively than by other channels
  • Can satisfy the customer’s need for information.



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