The 6 Myths of Internet Marketing Part #5

Myth #5: You can make a pile of money fast on the Internet

piles of cashDon’t buy anything from anyone who tells you this. In any business effort, making money requires planning, strategic marketing, a good product and offer, good customer service, considerable shrewdness — and much hard work. Maybe you will make a pile of money on the Internet. But you won’t do it by buying into a get-rich-quick scheme.

Of course, many people have had meteoric sales quickly on the Net. Usually however, it requires a lot of learning and hard work.

Myth #6: You can make lots of sales without working the Net

successIf you think for a second that you can simply put up a webpage or a ghastly classified ad and think you will strike it rich, you’re not only deceived, you’re nuts.

Success online (or otherwise) requires effort. You need to devote a certain amount of hours every week to learning about the Internet, online marketing, what your competitors are doing etc.

The other thing you need to do is budget time for promoting your website. You will need to attract prospects. They just won’t show up because you put up a site with some pretty pictures of yourself or your product. You will need to get involved in telling others about your site. This involves such things as newsgroups, discussion lists, press releases, networking etc.

As Bill Gates said at Comdex, “The Internet is a gold mine, where there really is gold.” You can find it if you work at finding it and avoid the mistakes so many seem to be making today.

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