As an author, no one knows better the value of the information you’ve shared. The proof is in the pudding. The very fact that you undertook the admirable task of putting pen to paper and shared your knowledge speaks fully to your belief in its relevance to a wider audience.

While a strong social media presence is vital in your efforts to promote yourself, your book and your expertise, acquiring traditional media coverage should not be cast aside. Not everyone is social media active. There remains a sizable audience that relies on newspapers, magazines,television and/or radio as primary sources of information. Reaching that audience begins with you effectively reaching and capturing the attention of those who determine what their audience reads, hears or sees.

Image 1Securing media coverage is tough but not impossible. One of the many services Black Card Books offers authors is the benefit of its Big News Media Campaign which guarantees coverage with the major media organization of your choice. That’s huge in terms of its lasting benefit. But when all is said and done, it’s up to you to roll up your sleeves, do your homework, and effectively sell yourself, your book and your expertise to those with an audience hungry for new approaches and innovations.

Black Card Books is committed to providing you with helpful tools to guide you on your journey as an author and helping you fully maximize marketing strategies and approaches. In the previous edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter, we featured Using Social Media: Something Old, Something New. Now your journey continues with the help of Attaining Media Coverage: Now Is Not The Time To Be Silent.

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Anwar Jumabhoy & Srikrishna Vadrevu – Media Coverage And The Credibility It Brings

Anwar Jumabhoy and Srikrishna Vadrevu

AnwarJumabhoy-3DSingleAnwar Jumabhoy and Srikrishna Vadrevu, co-authors of Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship As A Management Practice, are eagerly anticipating the publication of their first book within the next few months. In preparation for that mile stone event, Anwar and Srikrishna have been busy, clearly recognizing that securing media coverage, and nurturing the resulting relationships, is key to any success both they and their book will meet.

Early on, Anwar and Srikrishna placed great importance on gaining media coverage,seeing it as a direct link to building relationships that would help them in their efforts,both currently and down the road. Resulting coverage by Digital News AsiaThe Edge Malaysia and the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) has brought them additional credibility, not only as authors, but also as recognized authorities on entrepreneurship,and the practices exercised by the most successful entrepreneurs. Both certainly bring terrific credentials to the mix.

Anwar has more than 30 years of business and management experience in a wide rang eof industries. He works closely with entrepreneurs and CEOs as a board member and coach, serving on the advisory panel of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of the Asia Business School in collaboration with MIT Sloan, and as a mentor at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

Srikrishna has worked with hundreds of small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups in India, Malaysia and the United States but his work with large organizations such as State Bank of India and General Electric has opened his eyes to how large businesses struggle to maintain growth, manage talent and develop leadership.

At the heart of Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship As A Management Practice is what Anwar and Srikrishna have identified as The Nine Entrepreneurisms–self-efficacy, risk-taking, passion, learning, realism, persuasiveness,opportunism, innovation and energy-action-bias – and how gaining back an entrepreneurial core while maintaining control of the corporation is a challenge but is vital.

“It is a struggle to get articles published before your book comes out, especially for first-time authors who are not celebrities. You need to start by working your own network, where hopefully you have a good reputation. That’s what I did. I set out themes that I would deal with and started writing a few stories. It took time to complete and polish the pieces but as Gerry says. ‘Get it down, then get it right.’ The articles helped build our standing with companies that we were approaching to host our 9-ENTREPRENEURisms workshops as well as sponsors

Black Card Books’ iPromote team’s assistance in opening the doors at CIM was a big help and we got two articles published there. It may come as a surprise – it did to me – but newspapers and magazines are inundated with articles, so you need to pick the right media and adjust the theme. Then you just need to keep pushing and knocking on doors.”  – Anwar Jumabhoy

To learn more about Anwar and Srikrishna’s book and services, visit They are offering a 50 per cent savings if you pre-order their book now. Email for more information and to reserve your copy.

Anwar and Srikrishna, your BCB team is proud of both of you and your achievements.You inspire us to go the extra mile to attain our goals and desires, and for that, we thank you!

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Shirley Anthony – Author of The New Entrepreneur

Shirley Anthony

Using her book as a marketing tool, Shirley Anthony, the author of The New Entrepreneur, has enjoyed great success in securing media exposure. To put it simply, Shirley fully understood that taking the initiative – beating her own drum – was, and still is, the best course of action. In doing so, Shirley took a series of well-planned steps, including:

• Researching the titles and roles of media contacts relevant to the topics covered in her book and her service offering. She was careful to make note of the names of editors, assistant editors and journalists.

• Phoning each contact directly to discuss her book and how it serves the publication’s audience.

• Sending each contact a personally-signed copy of her book.

• Sharing her media kit and, where appropriate, sharing testimonials and past interviews.

• Following up, about a week later, with those she had not heard back from.

Shirley’s primary objective was to create relationships, be a resource for each media
organization contacted and share her expertise to the benefit of the audience of each. Her persistence has been key in that endeavour – going after opportunities as opposed to waiting for those opportunities to come her way.


CLICK HERE for Marybeth Haines’ interview with Shirley during which she reviews the steps she took to build effective media relationships and secure coverage; coverage which, to date,includes a number of magazine and website articles as well as radio interviews.

The bottom line? Unless you’re prepared to contract the services of a public relations firm, set a goal of being a cheerleader for your book and the services you offer. Sell yourself effectively and persistently, and the rest will fall into place.

To learn more about Shirley, her company Marketing Breakthroughs and The New Entrepreneur, visit

We are so proud of you Shirley! You are sensational!

For more inspiration from author’s successes, be sure to check Gerry’s blog by CLICKING HERE


As an author, you are proud of your work and well you should be. You had a core message to share and have done that in a tangible and creative way. It is, in effect, your blueprint for success. But being published is but a small part of your journey as an author. Key in the process is getting the word out which, by extension, markets you as a credible representative in your field of expertise.

Creating and nurturing media relationships is key to your success. The media, be it print,electronic or web-based, is inundated daily with requests for coverage. Securing your slice of the media pie requires equal parts research, persistence and confidence. You are the product and the lone salesperson for it. It’s a big job.

Novi Sad, Serbia - November 9, 2015: Websites (homepages) of leading news websites in the world - Reuters, New York Times, CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, Fox news.

The Big News Media Campaign offered by Black Card Books guarantees coverage for you and your book with one or more of the ‘big news media’ outlets. It has garnered authors coverage with the likes of CNN, ABC, FOX News, BBC and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. For a one-time fee, and after answering a questionnaire, Black Card Books goes to work for you and doesn’t stop until you have been featured in the media of your choice.

This is an opportunity that has a long shelf life to your immense benefit, allowing you to promote, for the rest of your career, that you’ve been featured in a major media organization.That will open yet more doors as your journey continues.

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