Shirley Anthony – Building Media Relationships And Securing Coverage

Shirley Anthony – Building Media Relationships And Securing Coverage

Using her book as a marketing tool, Shirley Anthony, the author of The New Entrepreneur, has enjoyed great success in securing media exposure. To put it simply, Shirley fully understood that taking the initiative – beating her own drum – was, and still is, the best course of action. In doing so, Shirley took a series of well-planned steps, including:

• Researching the titles and roles of media contacts relevant to the topics covered in her book and her service offering. She was careful to make note of the names of editors, assistant editors and journalists.

• Phoning each contact directly to discuss her book and how it serves the publication’s audience.

• Sending each contact a personally-signed copy of her book.

• Sharing her media kit and, where appropriate, sharing testimonials and past interviews.

• Following up, about a week later, with those she had not heard back from.

Shirley’s primary objective was to create relationships, be a resource for each media organization contacted and share her expertise to the benefit of the audience of each. Her persistence has been key in that endeavour – going after opportunities as opposed to waiting for those opportunities to come her way.


CLICK HERE for Marybeth Haines’ interview with Shirley during which she reviews the steps she took to build effective media relationships and secure coverage; coverage which, to date,includes a number of magazine and website articles as well as radio interviews.

The bottom line? Unless you’re prepared to contract the services of a public relations firm, set a goal of being a cheerleader for your book and the services you offer. Sell yourself effectively and persistently, and the rest will fall into place.

To learn more about Shirley, her company Marketing Breakthroughs and The New Entrepreneur, visit

We are so proud of you Shirley! You are sensational!

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