#NoInBetween17: To Our AMAZING Black Card Books FAMILY & The World

#NoInBetween17: To Our AMAZING Black Card Books FAMILY & The World

On behalf of our founder, Gerry Robert and our C.O.O. Deborah Turton, I am proud and excited to share the incredible news of what we have accomplished as a team in 2016.

Throughout history it has been said — It takes a village to raise a child — or to do anything worthwhile. That adage has proved to be true numerous times and it has been my experience that — It takes a caring FAMILY (team) to build an out-standing organization — like ours!

This last year allowed us to visit our family / team members around the globe. Sharing a few days with the International team in the Manila was a true high point of the year for me, Deb Turton and Bonnie Canesso, our Director of Sales.

At our executive sales meetings in Orlando recently, Bonnie came up with a great idea and suggested we re-name our Organization Chart — THE FAMILY TREE — It was adopted quickly and unanimously by all those in attendance.

Here a just a few highlights of what the BCB Family accomplished in 2016:

· WE have grown our international team by — 108%
· WE have grown our number of events by — 118%
· WE have grown our event registrations by — 122%
· WE have grown our event attendance by — 123%”
· WE have grown our number of Authors by — 101%
· WE published over 133 books!
· WE now have over 1000 authors!

SPECIAL NOTE: This does not include the hundreds, perhaps thousands that we have taught to publish on their own through our bootcamps and Home Study Programs.

In addition to all the aforementioned wonderful news we have generated 28 bestselling books! Most publishing companies are lucky to produce that many in their lifetime.

Our authors have appeared on –

The CW
Entrepreneur Magazine
The Daily Mail
UK Prevention Magazine
Yahoo Finance
London Business Journal,
Sydney Telegraph
Toronto Star
Home Business Magazine
SME Times

We were blessed to have done events in 17 countries in 2016!

* Australia * Canada * England
* Germany * India * Ireland
* Malaysia * Netherlands * Philippines
* Romania * Scotland * Singapore
* South Africa * Sweden * Thailand
* USA * Vietnam

All in all it was a fruitful and growth-filled year!

Every year, the leadership team at Black Card Books sets a theme for the year ahead. Last year, in 2016, our theme was “We are KEEN to DOUBLE in 16”… and we did! This year, our theme is…


Photo from: https://medium.com/@jeanguyfrancoeur/noinbetween17-81237883ce89#.u0xx2tsu0

 What this means for us at Black Card Books is we’ve made a committed decision to become a $100 Million company and we will not settle for anything in between.

Get ready, strap in, buckle up because there is #NoInBetween17

With gratitude, appreciation and love,

J.G. Francoeur
CEO, Black Card Books

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