Adv. Mary Bosiu’s Works Recognized in Today’s Honoree

Adv. Mary Bosiu’s Works Recognized in Today’s Honoree

Today’s Honoree, the number #1 blog for recognizing the works of others, gave recognition to Adv. Mary Bosiu for actualizing her lifelong dreams of helping others live a fulfilling life, which she shares not only within her country but also with the rest of the world.

Mary BosiuAdv. Mary Bosiu was given commendation for her works focusing on personality development and how it has been her lifelong goal to help people gain guidance and clarity in developing strong abilities and control over different aspects of their life such as service excellence, leadership, stress management and financial literacy, just to name a few.

All these efforts by Mary have been recognized internationally and have sparked an inspiration worldwide.

It has been Mary’s mission to glorify God with her thoughts, words, actions, habits and character and to be a blessing to anybody whose life she will touch. Mary is accomplishing that through her various speaking events, media collaborations, embarking on new greater heights by providing media interviews, and contributing her articles to share her expertise on life changing strategies.

Adv. Mary Bosiu is a well- renowned motivational speaker, trainer, and author of the book “Success Fundamentals Vol. II: Nuggets & Pearls of Wisdom to Help You Pump the Greatness in You!”. She is a lawyer by profession (BA Law Plus LLB) as well as a Mediation and Arbitration Consultant (Diploma, ADR).

Read more about Today’s Honoree’s recognition of Mary’s works HERE.

Continue touching lives through your works, Mary!

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