So I’m in Seattle at the moment…but I am supposed to be in Portland!

The weather, the air traffic control people and Air Canada decided not to get along for a few hours and my plans were totally and completely changed!

So whom do I blame? The weatherman? The people in the control tower at Toronto airport? Or can I blame Air Canada…that’s easy to do! J

You know what…I blame NO ONE!

For people who live their lives in blame and frustration (you can tell who they are because there are frequent outbursts of bitching and moaning) – their first inclination is to blame someone…anyone…for their lot in life. Rarely do they take responsibility for their own results. It’s much easier to blame some one else.

The winners in life don’t have time to blame. When things happen that are out of our control here’s what we do: 1) We assess the situation 2) – okay before I say number two… we probably say, “Ah crap!” about the blasted inconvenience and then move to number two. 2) We assess our options     3) We take action!

So, HOW do we ACT? On what basis do we ASSESS and ANALYZE?

This is the simple part – the part that moaners never get – When a situation happens that is out of our control – we base all decisions on this one thing…


One of my favorite quotes is by Napoleon Bonaparte – I see only my objective – the obstacles must give way.

So – I’m supposed to be in Portland. If I spent all my time moaning and whining to the airline about how this isn’t the way my day was planned – I would still be in Toronto!

Instead – I asked the gate agent what were the best options for me to get to Portland in 36 hours. We decided to get me to Seattle first and re-assess once we got there.

So the original plan of: Toronto > Chicago > Portland turned into

Toronto > Seattle and a scenic drive to Portland.

Oh…when I landed in Seattle… no bags!  No bags – No problem!

I had an excuse for not shaving and I had a very pleasurable stroll through the Public Market in Seattle – one of the world’s great people attractions.

Look folks – what’s going to happen is what’s going to happen. If we waste ANY TIME AT ALL moaning, bitching and whining – we waste or most valuable commodity – time.


When it gets really tough for everyone else – it’s just about perfect for ME!

It’s how we winners think.

It’s what we winners do.

See you in the Winner’s Circle!



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