AIM for the SKY!

AIM for the SKY!

One thing is sure in life…we usually hit what we are aiming for. Even if we don’t hit it – we come close.

So here’s the challenge I see with most entrepreneurs – they aim too low!

It’s human nature to feel disappointed when we don’t get something that we strive for. Quick question – Wouldn’t you rather AIM HIGH and miss than AIM LOW and miss?

What’s even worse is when you AIM LOW…and get it! There is no satisfaction in reaching a goal you knew was easy to hit. Greatness is achieved when we set a target that we don’t know how to hit – and give it everything we’ve got.

“But Gerry, I don’t have the money, time, resources or talent!” PERFECT. Your next statement will tell me whether you will win or not.

If you say, “So why should I even try?” You will lose…always lose…forever be a loser.

If you say, “Yep, I don’t know how to do any of that…but…I WANT “THIS” SO MUCH… I’ll learn, I’ll find out, I’ll ask for help, I’ll get it done – somehow!”  You’re already a winner! You may not win every game you play – but – you can’t win if you are not in the arena!

I do not care how many times you have lost – if you are still in the game – if you are still swinging – if you are still trying – You are a winner!

If you whine, moan and complain – you’ll most likely never win.

Where will I get the power to pull it off? There are three answers: God, Universe or Science. (I’ve listed three to appeal to almost everyone’s belief system)

Imagine a lamp in your living room. If you screw in a 25-watt light bulb – you get 25 watts worth of brightness in your room.  Now, using the same lamp, screw in a 60-watt light bulb – you get 60 watts of brightness in your room. SAME LAMP – but you plugged in a bigger / better idea. The power is there to support any idea you plug into it.

It’s the same with God or the Universe.


I guarantee you – the POWER is there! Shoot for the sky and you play with the stars!


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