How To Shift Your Thinking – Instantly!



Many of us know a person who suffers from PERFECTION PARALYSIS. Some of you may know that person intimately. Some of you see that soul in the mirror every day.

They will not do anything if either one of these two situations exist: 

ONE – Every ‘i’ has to be dotted, every ‘t’ has to be crossed, every fact must be checked, every piece of a puzzle must be figured out ahead of time.

WHY? Probably for the simple fact that they may be judged!

TWO – They’ll never start anything until they know each and every step in the process. They appear to be frozen. The Mission gets stalled because of the minutia.

Some would argue that you MUST have every detail in place before you start. Engineers, architects, planners etc. espouse this path. While that is a good ‘theory’ and a solid practice – EVERY dream starts with nothing but a thought.

When President John F. Kennedy said, “We will put a moon on the moon and bring him home safely before the end of the decade” – absolutely NO ONE knew how to do it.

So, how did they do it?

They started with the END GOAL in mind – A man on the moon and home SAFELY.

They put a picture firmly in everyone’s mind – they all knew the end result.

They then worked backwards and forward.

Backwards via – When we do this what would the spaceship/capsule look like?

How will we get it air born? How will we bring it home?

Forward via – WHAT’S NEXT?

Thomas Carlyle accurately stated – “Go as far as you can see…and when you get there you will see how you can further.”

I am going to share something now that may seem extremely complicated…I trust that you will get it because I know you are smart.

Here goes: To get your dream – take the FIRST STEP – and then – take another – and then another – until you’re done!

Whew! I hope you cracked that code.

“Yeah, but Gerry…”

But NOTHING!!!!  Imagination without IMPLEMENTATION leads to depression, chaos and unfulfilled dreams and a ROTTEN LIFE!!!

Sometimes the next step is obvious – sometimes it CANNOT be revealed until you complete the step before.

Please stop trying to know EVERYTHING before you start anything. You are literally stalling your success and quite possibly killing your future.

It’s nice to be as prepared as possible – I am not arguing that. I am simply stating what I know to be true from observing and watching people over the years. The unsuccessful people are always – taking one more seminar – reading one more manual – making one more plan.

The successful people grab a hold of their vision and GO FOR IT. They make plans but they do not NEED to KNOW everything before the implementation process. They allow for mistakes and adjust. They take the NEXT step – NOW!

I urge you to give yourself permission to take IMPERFECT ACTION simply because your dreams are waiting. So are your clients. So is your success.

If you want to INSTANTLY change your position in life – ACT NOW!

Here’s to you’re your most IMPORTANT step – THE NEXT ONE!!!




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