Antiques Are Nice – But Not In Selling Skills

As I was touring through Israel recently I came across some Ancient Ruins. While they were interesting to look at, I couldn’t help thinking of how many people’s business models and selling skills are as OLD as these Ancient Ruins!

We are approaching the year 2020 and many people still sell as if it’s 1920!

Some people actually think that you have to manipulate your prospective buyers. High- pressure tactics and seller-focussed sales pitches are falling apart faster than the old ruins I witnessed. The ‘Snake-Oil’ salesperson is no longer welcome.

“Gerry, how do I know if my methods are old and out of date?”

Simple – look at your results.

Are sales up? Are profits up? Do you have more clients than you used to?


Are you working harder for your money? Are you constantly worried about the competition? Are you giving more energy to your trials than your triumphs?

The modern consumer can check you out with the simple touch of an iPad.  If you are boasting and selling based on your needs – they can read through that so easily that you’ll never know why they ‘clicked’ and purchased from someone else.

It really is simple – they don’t trust you! Let me take you off the hook for a moment… they don’t trust anyone who is self-centered, pushy or manipulative. They can FEEL IT!

“Gerry, Is it too late to change?” NEVER!

“How do I change my methods, Gerry?”

SIMPLE – Focus on their needs, their desires, their problems, their challenges.

Here are a few questions to ponder:

What keeps them up at night? In other words, what are they worried about? (How can you legitimately take that worry away?)

What is a basic need they have that is hard to fulfil for them at this point?

What pain are they experiencing – either physically, mentally or metaphorically – that you can relieve them from?

How can you position your product, service or offer to benefit them and give them a huge gain?

Whether online, in a brochure, an ad or in person – If you appear to be needy and greedy – say, “Goodbye” to this client and their money.

When you shift from:

“I gotta get this client and close this deal – no matter what – or I am in trouble?”


“How can I meet the needs of this client so we begin a long term, mutually beneficial relationship?”

Your sales, your confidence and your profits will skyrocket!

It’s like my colleague, Zig Ziglar, has said numerous times:

“You can have anything in life you want – as long as you help enough other people get what they want!”

Here’s to CELEBRATING your clients and their needs!!!




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