Creating Businesses That Stand Out


While walking the streets of Sydney, Australia I came across a Kiwi bird. Normally he would be from New Zealand. He stood out… Why? He was in an environment where he HAD TO BE NOTICED.

How are you doing that for your business?

Let’s face it, most of us do not have enough money to compete with Apple or Wal*Mart or any well-financed company.

So how do we fit in? More importantly…how do we stand out? Why ‘fit in’ when you have the advantage of immediacy, flexibility and authority?

The best way to stand out from the ocean of options that today’s consumer has, is to offer so many features and benefits that the customer is ‘blown away’ with how much they are receiving from you. They may even think, “How can they afford to do all this?”

That’s how you differentiate yourself from every other business that is seeking the same clients that you are.

At Black Card Books we became the fastest growing publisher in the world – based on title acquisition. Our goal is simple – offer our authors so many features and benefits that they would unquestionably KNOW – that we are absolutely the ONLY CHOICE when it comes to get their books done.

It takes us almost an hour to explain to an author everything they get when they become one of our authors. The strategy is simple – we always ask ourselves, “What else can we give them? What is another service we can provide to make their load easier? Is there anything we are missing?”

Asking all those questions with the intention of servicing our authors better than anyone else has also led us to creating a new suite of services that add to our Author’s legacies.

Now…remove the BCB name from the above client-centred questions and insert your own name.  “What else can I give them? What is another service I can provide to make their load easier? Is there anything I am missing?”

It’s ironic when you BLOW THEM AWAY – they won’t go away!

Now, how do you blow YOURSELF away?

Shift your MINDSET!

I learned all this from my mentors. I listened, I watched and I learned…and guess what?  Not much changed…until…


Your mentors and your clients are ultimately not impressed by your learning, your knowledge or your wishing. They are both moved and served by your ACTIONS!

You must DO what your mentors have taught or demonstrated in order to benefit your clients and YOUR SELF!!!

Here’s to AMAZING EVERYONE – especially YOU!!!




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