Johanne Brennan Shares #MeToo at Home Story with The CoreBrain Journal

Johanne Brennan Shares #MeToo at Home Story with The CoreBrain Journal

 Last year, the hashtag #MeToo has spread virally and was prevalently used in the social media to raise awareness against sexual harassment and assault. Until now, celebrities, high profile individuals, and regular Janes (and Joes), alike, use this hashtag to share their own #MeToo experiences. This movement has spread like wildfire and everybody were using this hashtag as a campaign to raise awareness especially among women who experienced abuse.

For Johanne Brennan, #MeToo has taken on a domestic turn when she shares her story of domestic abuse abroad and recovery with The CoreBrain Journal hosted by Dr. Charles Parker.

The CoreBrain Journal discusses the latest discoveries in mind science with policymakers, researchers, and the informed public.

In the riveting interview, survivor of nearly two decades of domestic abuse and violence, speaker, consultant, and author of the groundbreaking book, How to Thaw Your Frozen Feet: A Woman’s Guide to Leaving a Violent Relationship and Living an Abuse- FREE Future, Johanne Brennan, relayed how her single bad decision of being involved with a person brought her to a world of beyond average domestic abuse and violence abroad, enduring and combating PTSD, anxiety, and two major depressive episodes, and also surviving seventeen (17) near death surgeries.

However, more than the abuse and the violence, Johanne likewise shared how she got out, stood her ground, and thawed her frozen feet and broke FREE from the abusive relationship.

She commented, “Walking away from something that is toxic takes courage, bravery, and strength.”

And thus, with a passion and a mission of helping women thaw their frozen feet and break FREE from a violent and abusive relationship, Johanne has gifted women, in general, her book, How to Thaw Your Frozen Feet, as a guide to finally end the cycle of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and learn how to be able to harness the strength and endurance from within to free themselves from denial, struggle, and shackles that hold them from moving forward in life.

Check out Johanne’s full interview HERE.

A compelling interview! Thank you for sharing your story, Johanne!  Continue being a source of strength and inspiration to all women!

CoreBrain Journal is our chance to discuss the latest discoveries in mind science with policymakers, researchers, and the informed public to identify the biomedical reality of underlying mind problems and address the pervasive treatment failure that families repeatedly experience with the current standards of guesswork and vagaries that typify the routine standards of imprecise psychiatric care; to hear Guest insights from years of experience with the realities of what does work and how; what facts and new perceptions that inspired their ideas; what decisions improved their insights and their lives; how they deal with treatment failure; and how they work to make further progress, even down at the street level in Anytown. Visit

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