Cynthia Simon Tackles the Dynamics of a Multigenerational Workplace in a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Cynthia Simon Tackles the Dynamics of a Multigenerational Workplace in a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Today’s workplace is more generationally diverse than ever before. Across different industries, a company may found itself hiring employees coming from different generations. There are the Baby Boomers, the Generation X, the Generation Y or Millennials, and the Generation Z.

This new scenario in the workplace has its pitfalls and may pose a great challenge for the management in terms of managing each generation’s expectations and needs. On the other hand, having a multigenerational workplace can also provide lots of potential and opportunities in achieving organizational success.

Dr. Cynthia Simon, a speaker, consultant, educator, and the author of the book, Yes You Can, with a Plan: How to Make the Most of Your Multigenerational Workforce (Work Smarter, Not Harder), shared how the dynamics of multigenerational workplace affects an organization and how these diverse generations can either make or break a company in an interview with Take the Lead radio show.

Take the Lead is a nationally syndicated leadership radio show hosted by Dr. Diane Hamilton. The radio show includes interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, authors, speakers, and other individuals who will inspire you to take the lead in your career and personal life.

During the interview, Cynthia Simon pointed out several issues and discussed the unique dynamics of having multigenerational employees.

Cynthia quipped, “Our leaders can no longer take a cookie cutter approach or one-size-fits-all because everybody is not the same. When you are trying to communicate, motivate, train, recognize, or even reward employees, it can’t be customized to each individual, but you have to know something about that generation and know things that are important to those folks.”

Cynthia also shared her book, Yes You Can, with a Plan, which is designed to help leaders, managers, and human resource strategists gain a better understanding of today’s multigenerational workforce and how each generation helps shape the way work is approached and completed.

Check out Cynthia Simon’s full interview HERE.

Thank you for sharing your expertise on today’s multigenerational workforce, Cynthia!

Dr. Diane Hamilton has a contagious passion for improving interpersonal communication. In addition to being a nationally syndicated radio host, award-winning speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Hamilton is a thought leader in the fields of leadership, sales, marketing, management, engagement, personality, and motivation. To get more information about her, visit her website at

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