It’s never a bad idea to review where you’ve been when planning where you want to go.

As an author, your ‘job’ is to make everyone know that you’re the go-to person in your field as you have penned a book. Your passion for your subject matter and your subsequent writing of your book should be rewarded, not only on a personal level but financially as well. To that end, you have put together a marketing strategy that will get your book, your primary marketing tool to grow your business, in front of as many people as possible. Remember, you’re an author of a book, the relevance of which you believe in. This is not the time to be timid.

But when was the last time you reviewed your marketing strategy? In order to stay out front of current trends, it’s imperative you blow the dust off that plan on a regular basis. Only then will any missed opportunities come to light, providing the opportunity to venture into areas previously untapped.

With all the emphasis on social media and it being a gold mine of opportunity for authors looking to promote their book and their related expertise, there’s a danger that traditional forms of promotion and marketing have been overlooked. It’s not hard to forget that a tried and true form of communication – the radio – is still very much with us and remains an effective platform for bringing your book a lot of attention in a hurry.

In 1864, Scottish scientist James Maxwell showed mathematically that electromagnetic waves could propagate through free space. That led to the initial development of radio transmission, the influential power of which was frighteningly illustrated years later on October 30, 1939 when Orson Welles narrated The War of the Worlds on Columbia Broadcasting, causing a mass panic as listeners were braced for an alien invasion of earth. Since then, radio has been a huge part of our daily lives, entertaining, and educating us.

Since 2007, podcasting has wrestled much of that influence away, allowing niche topic interviewers to use their social media platforms to broadcast interviews with subjects of particular interest to their followers.

What does this mean for you? Simple. If you’re not securing time on radio or podcasts, or better still both, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to promote your book, which is your primary marketing tool in growing your business. It’s time to reach for your slice of the radio or podcast pie and devour it.

So how do you put yourself in the best position to be booked for a radio or podcast interview? Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide, courtesy of, that will give you a great shot:

    • Identify your niche. You need to identify your niche, identify what media that customers in that niche consume, and get to know who the radio, TV, and podcast reporters are who cover that niche.
    • Discover relevant radio shows/podcasts. Start listening to the radio shows and podcasts that reach your target market to note reporters’ names and specialties as well as the kinds of stories and formats they prefer.
    • Make sure your news is newsworthy. News is about current events – that’s why they call it news. Your local radio station isn’t interested in hearing about topics that their audiences will ignore. They are looking for “new” topics to cover, or more often, interesting angles on current events. You need to keep your pitches fresh and timely. Instead of trying repeatedly to get radio or podcast coverage of your book on its own, try tying its content to a current event that is hot in the news cycle.
    • Think in terms of stories, not products. It’s no one’s job to promote your product but you. It is not the obligation of any media outlet to cover you or interview you as a guest expert. Their job is to introduce interesting stories that offer information to their audiences.
    • Tie your pitch to the interests of the broadcaster/podcaster. Nothing frustrates radio and podcast journalists more than having to deal with time wasting pitches that are not appropriate for their identified niche.
  • Be concise. Because they are deluged with pitches and always working under tight deadlines, broadcasters and podcasters can’t afford the time to wade through overly long pitches. You need to make a strong case in a very short space. Liberal use of bullet points, bold words, and highlights are recommended to help them quickly understand what it is you have to offer.

Follow these guidelines and you will better your chances of securing radio or podcast time. Ignore them and you run the risk of being relegated to ‘Thanks but no thanks’ status. Do your homework and then go for it. Remember, you have information that is fresh and helpful. Get that point clearly across to the right outlet for your message and good things will follow.

MARVIN AND GLORIA SMITH: Financial Powerhouses Celebrate First Victorious Credit Coaching Bootcamp

Marvin and Gloria Smith are legendary experts in the financial arena. They are the authors of The Psychology of Credit: Fix Your Credit Score and Be Able to Fund Your Dreams, which is written to help improve credit score aside from having a better understanding of credit and taking control of it. As expert credit repair strategists and respected business leaders, they also own The DKR Group, LLC, (DKR).

Last July, Marvin and Gloria celebrated their first 2 1/2 day bootcamp, and it was an overwhelming success!

“Gloria and I wanted to personally thank Gerry Robert, Travon Taylor, Amy Honey, Jamie Honey, Anna Dowe, and the entire staff. The Mastermind meeting took it over the top for us. We had a good turnout. Also, we made a super profit. We followed a proven track record!” — Marvin Smith

The Credit Coaching Bootcamp: 8-Steps to Improving Your Credit Score teaches attendees the following: taking control of your credit and getting a second chance in life; understanding how to read your credit reports; taking the first steps in understanding the scoring model; learning how to fund your dreams; maintaining good credit; establishing new credit; and even helping your teenagers establish credit.

The bootcamp provided detailed steps to improving credit score. Its main aim is to educate, inspire, and equip attendees on how to instantly accelerate their lives and businesses to the next level simply through credit.

During the workshop, Marvin and Gloria Smith shared methods, strategies, and automations that have afforded them the opportunity to live a financially free lifestyle, own multiple companies, become restaurant chain owners, and become investors.

Through DKR, both have helped thousands of individuals across the world secure funding for both large and small businesses and set attainable financial goals.

For more information, visit their website at Connect and follow them in social media through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, subscribe to their YouTube channel, DKR Group LLC.

Black Card Books is celebrating Marvin and Gloria’s breakthrough success! Congratulations!

MANI GOULDING: How Being Simply Passionate with Your Dreams Can Open Doors of Opportunities

Former director of Talent Management and owner of a consulting firm, Mani Goulding was invited to speak at the 49th Annual OSA convention held in Michigan last July.

The event, which was themed Bridging Generations: Celebrating ODIA Unity, is a large gathering of the Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA). People of Oriya origin from different parts of the USA and Canada mingled and shared experiences of ethnic living during this annual get-together.

Mani Goulding, who is the author of the upcoming book, Ready, Set, Launch! (How to Help Your Teen Find a Career That Gives Them Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment), enthusiastically shares her unexpected but triumphant story in her first speaking event to launch her new book.

“I had a lot of anxiety about this first event, and despite a lot of preparation, as the day approached, it seemed a lot of things were not going right. The conference organizer had given me a less than desirable time slot. When I showed up for the seminar, despite giving them my technology requirements months in advance, there were glitches in using my MacBook with their projector system. And to top it off, because of schedule slippages, I did not have my physical book with me to do book sales and signing at the event,” reveals Mani.

Thinking that nothing was going her way, Mani decided to make the best of it and proceed with the presentation, keeping in mind the reason why she wrote her book.

Ready, Set, Launch! is a career coaching guide for parents and teens. The book is written to help parents and their children sort through a very difficult and overwhelming decision, which is selecting a career path after high school.

Despite a false start with technology problems, Mani started to speak from her heart. The audience was magically moved by her words.

“They listened. They laughed at my personal stories of my career struggle at all the right moments. They leaned in when I offered advice. And what was supposed to be a 60-minute seminar, stretched into 2 hours because of the engaging conversation!” —Mani Goulding

A lesson gained from this experience? Mani says that even if everything does not go your way with a speaking event, just go ahead and do it!

Mani Goulding walked away from the event with a pile of emails from people wanting to follow up with her and even had three speaking engagement requests. The best part was when the event participants introduced themselves personally after the event and praised her as an inspiring woman.

“So go ahead with your speaking events. They may not be perfectly implemented, but you will still reach the people that have been waiting to hear your message,” enthuses Mani.

Mani Goulding, B.Comm., MBA, CPA, is a graduate of Queens’ University. She is an experienced and dedicated career coach, an author, a speaker, and the owner of Career Passion Limited, a consulting firm that works with organizations on a wide variety of OD and Talent Management issues, and provides executive coaching to individuals.

She can be reached at To know more about Mani and her work, visit

This success story is a testament that passion can really fulfill your purpose and dream! Keep hustling, Mani!

As an author, you must never lose sight of the fact that the knowledge covered in your book is a commodity, particularly for radio broadcasters and podcasters who are always looking for something new and different to share with their audiences. You have that in abundance, and it is imperative you let them know in a professional, confident manner.

That said, once you’re booked for a radio or podcast interview, your work is far from finished. The success of your interview is dependent on your preparation for that interview. Knowing all you can about the host and his/her audience and knowing the key points of your book’s message that you want to highlight are vital to a great interview and a subsequent great return.

Remember, you get out of anything what you put into it. Put time and thought into your scheduled radio or podcast interview, and rewards will inevitably follow.

Black Card Solutions remains at your side as you begin and/or continue your author journey, offering a series of exclusive programs which will not only enhance and build upon your networking skills but will also show you how to put those skills to work to your full advantage.

Among the offerings is the Premium Media Campaign. This campaign provides you with a Campaign Manager that will create a professionally edited video you can share with media outlets, promote you to media outlets looking for content directly related to you and your offer, and help you create a lasting personal relationship with media outlets.

In addition, you’ll be provided with more tips and how-to documents on writing press releases and distributing them in both traditional and social media circles.

As well, Black Card Solutions’ Media Exposure Branding Kit is available to take your marketing and promotions to the next level. This professionally designed media kit, available in both digital and print formats, includes three customized press releases specific to your offering, unlimited email support, and tips and tools to get the most out of the kit.

Our expert marketing team is fully dedicated to review campaigns with you under our new Services Menu and together decide which package or packages are best!

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